September 28, 2008
Ideas for the Off-Season/What’s Next?

Starting Pitchers:

Call me nuts? But if Maine’s healthy and Ollie’s re-signed, I’d go in with a starting rotation of Santana/Pelfrey/Ollie/Maine/Niese… yes, he’s going to struggle on and off but developing Niese at the MLB level is a lot cheaper than…

August 28, 2007
A Batting Order We Can All Agree On?

From the game chats lately, I’ve noticed a consensus line-up opinion forming that makes a lot of sense, in a way that Willie’s constant nonsense juggling doesn’t seem to fathom. 

Reyes batting 1st @ SS… Castillo batting 2nd @ 2B… Wright batting 3rd @ 3B… Beltran batting 4th @ CF……

August 24, 2007
It’s no longer too early to talk about it.

Yes, you’re not in the playoffs until you clinch your spot and… it’s a little presumptuous to talk about a potential post-season roster in June or July but… it’s the end of August now. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but…

July 24, 2007
The Heilman Question

Looking down the road to 2008, no matter what happens to Mets this season, they’ll most likely have a really good problem in April of 2008…

A bullpen backlog of Wagner, Feliciano, Sanchez, Smith, Burgos, Heilman, a hopefully-healthy Schoeneweis and a…

July 17, 2007
Great Expectations?

Looking at the Mets offense this season, now 92 games in with 70 left to go, the lion’s share of the season gone for better or for worse… I start to wonder… what exactly was expected?

 Were some of these hitters…

June 10, 2007
60 Games In: Don’t Panic (Much)

We live in an age where the only way to be heard is through hyperbole.

Yes/No. Either/Or. True/False. X/O.

This may have always been true to some extent throughout human history but… you can’t deny that it is all the truer now.


May 31, 2007
10 Insane Ideas

(…that just might work…)

10.) The Super-Platoon

When all is well (or close to it) health-wise in the Mets outfield, start Green at first on Delgado’s rest days, getting Endy more playing time when he’s demoted to the fourth outfielder, suddenly playing…

May 30, 2007
The Ol’ Bench Carousel

The good news about the Mets is… great news. Amazin’ news, you might say.

Fifty games in, they’re 33-17 and if it weren’t such a deep organization, they’d be the walking wounded.

Starting off with Pedro and Sanchez on the DL and…

May 29, 2007
Obligatory Introduction Thing.

Hi, I’m Mike… I’ve loved the Mets since as long as I can remember, since growing up in a minor-league affiliate town. Granted, the team moved out when I was nine but… if anything that crystalized an obsessive baseball fandom.