October 4, 2008
DestinationGeek 2009
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I was looking at parks for those on the West Coast and those who are interested in seeing a series on the West Coast.

We have three possible choices. Four if we include Arizona.

May 14th through May 17th at Pac Bell…

July 15, 2008
WPA at the All Star Break
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Wright 1.62
Beltran 1.55
Tatis 0.94
Easley 0.94
Church 0.93
Alou 0.72 (in his very limited time)
Reyes 0.66
Pagan 0.29
Castro 0.29
A.Reyes -0.22
Schneider -0.26
Anderson -0.70 (In 104 at bats: Cut him Omar!)
Chavez -0.96
Delgado -1.10
Castillo -1.15

May 14, 2008
These WPA numbers are interesting, eh? Through 5/14 (Please don’t ask what WPA is…go google it)
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Ryan Church is leading the team by a substantial margin with 1.02 WPA. Of course he had .352 or so just last night!

Following him are Damion Easley with .56, Alou with .48, Pagan with .29.

Then it’s DW with .16, Schneider…

November 14, 2007
Hey guys, help a guy in Mets territory out: vote for my friend.
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My friend Charles is a security guard full time but he really wants to break into comics. He’s in this contest called Comic Book Idol. (Like American Idol)

Do me a favor vote for Wilson

He’s a great guy and a…

June 14, 2007
Win Probability Added-WPA Numbers (Up to date) Shocking Relevations!
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WPA(Win Probability Added) Numbers thus far: (With a little Batting Runs Above Average Tossed In for Kicks)

Numbers from FanGraphs-Mets Team Stats

The numbers will surprise you!

1. Delgado: .90 This is due to some big circumstances like Delgado’s walk-off home run. But…

June 11, 2007
The numbers don’t lie. The bats are choking.
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We are hitting .273 as a team with an OPS+ of 114

We are hitting .249 with RISP (OPS .738) League Average: .265-.765 Conclusion: We are below average.

We are hitting .278 with the bases empty (OPS. 767) LA: .256-.724 Conclusion: We…

June 3, 2007
Cut Franco
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It’s obvious he is past his prime. He’s not even at the Mendoza line, he can’t field all that well and he really doesn’t fill the need we have for a good pinch-hitter.

I say we have to start thinking about…

November 30, 2006
What’s Wrong With Standing Pat?
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Guest columnist and MetsGeek regular ‘Future’ tells it like it is.