September 27, 2007
Mets home grown pitchers

The thought occurred to me the other day that I couldn´t think of any pitchers of recent years who had been developed by the Mets farm system and experienced average to better-than-average major league careers. This for an organization with…

September 22, 2007
Next year´s roster

Well, maybe it´s a bit early, but thinking about next year´s roster is a nice distraction from the current stress. Barring major trades, most of next year´s starters are set. The main areas of concern are catcher, second base, and…

Crazy offseason thought

If ARod went FA, do you think the Mets would try for him? I had this weird idea yesterday: ARod playing third next year, with David Wright, Carlos Gomez, and Mulvey or Humber traded for Johan Santana (with a signing window…

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