January 13, 2009
Interesting Sheet(s)

Now that Lowe is off the board, I decided to look at the basic stats for Ben Sheets, and compare them to the Mets 2008 staff.

Sheets career: In 8 years, he has pitched less than 30 starts 3 times- in…

December 3, 2008
Eeney, meeney, miney, moe, catch a pitcher…

While nothing really substantive is happening yet, I´m getting a sense of where things might be headed in the starting pitching market, and it doesn´t look good for our Mets. I don´t think Niese should be counted on for 2009;…

November 23, 2008
Pitchers A, B, & C

When comparing potential acquisitions, whether through free agency or trade, our judgements are often based on our preconceptions about the player– Ok, call them prejudices if you will. So let´s compare three pitchers who might be available to the Mets…

November 5, 2008
Trade thoughts- CWS

If you were looking for a 4th or 5th starter, would you be happy with a 32 year old who had averaged 206 innings per year over 11 years (6.43 IP/S), a 3.3 K/BB ratio, an average career ERA of…

October 14, 2008
Where do we go from here?

Now begins the silly season, with predictions sure to arise that will scramble your brains: Signing Sabathia, Lowe, AND Manny; trading Heilman, Schoenweiss, and Castillo for Ichiro; trading Delgado for Tim Lincecum straight up. You get the idea– you´ve seen them…

February 19, 2008
Starters´IP 2007 vs 2008

In 2007 Mets starters pitched a total of 941 innings, up from around 920 in 2006. The main guys were:

Glavine 34 starts, 200 IP

Maine 32 starts, 191 IP

Ollie 29 starts, 177 IP

El Duque 24 starts, 148 IP (there may be…

February 2, 2008
Quick thoughts on the fallout

First let me say that I´m thrilled that we now have Johan for the next 7 or 8 years. We desperately needed a top pitcher, and I´m psyched that we got him. Kudos to Omar!

Given that, I´ve been thinking about…

December 27, 2007
Mets starters: 2009 and beyond

Number of proven major league starters under Mets control for 2009: 1 (John Maine).

I don´t know about you, but this is the single scariest stat I´ve seen regarding the Mets future. 2008 will reveal a lot about the future of…

November 25, 2007
Why we need to trade for a starter.

OK, being as it´s my birthday (11/25), I was thinking about what I want from Omar.  Of course pitching popped into mind. I´ve been thinking lately about the starting staff beyond next year. If we don´t sign a FA this…

October 28, 2007
Pitching 2009, or why I´m stressing.

I was looking at the pitching staff today, thinking about 2009. I was also thinking about who our competitors are, not in the NL East, but in the media and (possibly/hopefully) the world series– i.e. Boston and the Yankees. For the…

October 22, 2007
Hot Stove

Okay, since there´s not much activity on the news, on the threads, or in the journals, I thought I´d try to get some ideas going for the offseason. I´m not talking about ¨trade for Johan Santana¨, or ¨Sign Posada¨, or ¨don´t trade ITAM¨….

October 11, 2007
Re-thinking ARod

My first reaction to the idea of the Mets signing ARod was an emphatic ¨no¨. I didn´t want them to tie up so much money in one player for so many years, as it might prevent investments in other areas–i.e….

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