March 23, 2009
Matthew Artus: Chass Continues Piazza Witch Hunt
by: Tino Evangelou on Mar 23, 2009 5:01 PM | Filed under: News

Since I last posted here (it’s been a while, I know) about Murray Chass’ diatribe vis a vis our former catcher and the Mets’ conspiracy keeping his PED usage under wraps, the story has lingered on, largely thanks to Chass himself. Matthew Artus quite nicely took him to task on for continuing to bang the Piazza PED war drum:

I have no idea what Chass’s motives are for his witch hunt against Piazza. He’s not cleaning up the game, as the PED-enhanced cloud created by the likes of Bonds, Palmeiro, McGwire, and A-Rod more than build up the cynicism in today’s baseball fan. There isn’t a player since 1990 that would surprise me regarding steroids, from Nolan Ryan up to and beyond Piazza.

What Chass wrote in the aforementioned “column” reeked of self-importance, and of course, he still found time to take shots at the blogging community:

Bloggers, I am told, had a field day with the column, but I have spared myself the pleasure of reading what they wrote.

The idea of somebody reporting to Murray Chass about what the blogs say about his articles brought to mind amusing images of a dark lair where Murray sits on a throne while his poorly-paid henchmen bring him coffee and keep him assured that Fire Joe Morgan is still on permanent hiatus. The reality is that when people say they’ve “been told” about something, they usually found out firsthand about it but don’t want to admit it. My guess is that in some way the ridicule and criticism Chass gets from people like me or Mr. Artus or FJM still, in his mind, gives him a degree of relevance despite not working for a major paper any longer.

If that’s true, I suppose we’re all a little guilty of fanning the flames, but as Matthew pointed out, fans and readers deserve better. The alternative – letting bad journalism go unchecked – is unacceptable. Hence, whatever the reason, as long as writers like Murray Chass are out there they will get a reaction. So it goes.

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