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Mets Geek » Don’t bemoan no Pedro


March 13, 2009
Don’t bemoan no Pedro

At least, not too hard.

Yes, Pedro may be better than Livan Hernandez or Tim Redding.  Yes, for a team in a must-win year, there is some logic to shelling out an extra $5 mil to upgrade your 5th starter position.  For these reasons, plus the fact that he’s fun to watch and listen to, I would like to have Pedro on the team.


The reports of Pedro’s progress are vastly overstated.  For anyone who thinks he’s now a totally different pitcher from what he was last year, drop those thoughts right now.  Yes, his WBC line is pretty — pitching against The Netherlands, a team that has so few (zero) legitimate threats in its lineup that Randall Simon is drawing intentional walks.  The Netherlands team is winning games with pitching.  There are plenty of AA clubs that could out-slug them.

So, the results indicate nothing, good or bad, for Pedro.  So what should we look at?

Arm angle.  Pedro threw one way for 19 years and had godlike control.  He’s thrown another way for 2 years and had poor control.  I tuned on the WBC, hoping to see that old arm angle.  Or at least something where I wasn’t sure.  Nope.  No doubt.  He’s throwing from the same lowered slot as last year.  He still has a fantastic changeup, but he won’t be painting any corners.

With better luck that last year, he’ll still be MLB serviceable, and better than our #5 options.  But he won’t be Pedro.

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