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March 7, 2009
Remembering Shea and the loss of the mets
by: billy251300 on Mar 7, 2009 12:23 PM | Filed under: Journals

Now it is gone and destroyed,

after all emotions had been toyed,

I wonder why fans were so quick to dismiss,

this place that caused us all thi bliss,

The game was the most important thing,

not the attractions that higher costs bring,

Now we are moving to being financed by City and Citi,

and the increaces in prices are plain old shitty,

Gone is the normal family,

they hurt profitability,

In comes the corporate cash,

Whoever heard of a crash,

Its coming from bailout aid,

for this our game was sold,

And we are forced to pay more,

to see the team we adore,

Cause they get a tax deduction,

Because it is a business function,

When can we get that discount,

How much would that amount?

Now we see our love less and less,

Forced to tv to see theĀ aingst and stress,

How is this good for the fan,

or even the common man.

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