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March 7, 2009
Mets vs Yankees rotations
by: billy251300 on Mar 7, 2009 4:05 PM | Filed under: Journals

I am sick of everyone discounting the Mets rotation, saying how the Yankees spent their way to a great rotation


Johan knee and elbow vs Sabathia overuse and weight I prefer Johan.

Top 3 starter in his prime

Maine vs Wang Maine is a year younger, both are coming back from injury, Wang has more wins but that is also due to his pen but that could change this year, groudball vs strikeout nice toss up.

Prize free agent

Burnett vs Perez over last 2 years Perez 25-17 ERA+ 120, 100Burnett 28-18 ERA+ 119, 105but Perez is turning 28 in august, Burnett just turned 32 seems like a toss up

Young ace in training 

Joba inning limit and injury issues vs Pelfrey took a major step last year, Pelfrey is a year and a half older and far more durable 

5th starter candidates

Hughes, Kennedy, Pettite vs Garcia, Niese, Livan, Redding mets are deeper here, as all the yankees have are 2 young starters they lost confidence in and one who may be over the hill.

so the mets have more durable starters, more depth, and close in talent even with all the money the Yankees spent, yet people are worried about our Rotation?

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