March 5, 2009
Amazin’ Avenue: Infielder WAR, Citifield and the Starting Pitchers
by: Tino Evangelou on Mar 5, 2009 10:26 PM | Filed under: News

Amazin’ Avenue gives us a couple of good nuggets on an otherwise quiet day. First off, an article on NL East Infielder WAR Projections. Resisting the hacky jokes about David Wright manning a howitzer and firing on Citizen’s Bank Park, I’ll just get to the crux of the article:

Assuming good health, David Wright projects to be the most valuable infielder in the NL East at 7.1 WAR. Chase Utley projects to be the second-most valuable infielder at 6.9 WAR. He was supposed to miss a couple of months at the beginning of the season but it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll be ready sometime in April. Pedro Feliz, on the other hand, could be one of the worst, at least offensively (more on that below).

The Mets, by this measure, should have the second best infield in the division behind the Phillies. In other news, Luis Castillo is still projected to stink, but you probably knew that alreeady.

The second post is a graphical representation of where opposing batters hit home runs off Mets pitchers at Shea last season, and where they would have landed in CitiField. On the surface, it looks like Oliver Perez will benefit most from the new park, but of course how the park actually plays (and how the wind patterns change if at all) remains to be seen.

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