February 24, 2009
A Guide to Mets Blogs

There are dozens of Mets blogs and new ones pop up seemingly every week. They all provide unique perspective and vary in focus, whether it’s news reporting, opinion, statistical analysis, or general ranting about the status of the Mets. In no particular order, here is a quick and dirty guide to some of the best regularly updated Mets blogs.

  • Metsblog – The most widely read Mets blog, Matt Cerrone made writing for Metsblog his full-time job in 2006 and has partnered with SNY. It is a great source for Mets news, game recaps, and hot stove updates. Matt and his team of writers post about ten times per day. Check in with Metsblog this week for daily reporting, interviews, and photos from spring training in Port St. Lucie.
  • Amazin’ Avenue – Part of the SportsBlogs Nation network, Eric Simon manages this “Unofficial home of the New York Mets on the Internets.” Readers can post articles of their own at AA, and the user-friendly comments section is a great way to pass the time during a slow work or school day. Eric wrote the Mets section of “The Hardball Times Season Preview 2009” (with some help from MetsGeek’s Alex Nelson), which is scheduled for release on February 25th.
  • Metstradamus – Probably the most consistently funny Mets blog out there, my favorite recurring post is Omar Minaya’s bullpen firing squad. Metstra also features a regularly updated “hate list”, featuring the likes of Cole Hamels, Roger Clemens, and Jimmy Rollins.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing – “The blog for Mets fans who like to read” is the tagline of Faith and Fear, and that is the truth. Professional writers Greg Prince and Jason Fry write long but thoughtful posts. Greg has a Mets-themed book coming out soon, with a foreword by Gary Cohen and a cover featuring the departed Aaron Heilman.
  • The ‘Ropolitans – Journalism student Andrew Vazzano posts multiple times daily with a wide array of content. His weekly “State of the Mets” address is a good place to recap the week’s events. Click here for the latest installment.
  • Metsmerized Online – Joe DeCaro and his staff of writers post original content almost nonstop seven days a week. There are twenty-eight writers listed on the site’s roster, so you can be sure the opinions are wide-ranging. Metsmerized produces creative Mets computer graphics as well, for use as computer backgrounds or even birthday cards.
  • NY Sports Dog – Run by David Singer, the tagline here is “Because no Met fan is an atheist in the bottom of the 9th.” A true statement, and hopefully this season J.J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez will reduce the need for 9th inning prayer. David mixes statistical insight with fun posts, like this one about the Mets’ Mount Rushmore. This is not to say statistics and fun are mutually exclusive.
  • Mets Police – Posting multiple times daily, Mets Police calls out the Mets and just about anyone else for the stupid things they do. MP is always opinionated, and is also usually right.
  • Mike’s Mets – Since 2005, Mike Steffanos has provided readers with great insight, and got started because he grew tired of so-called “experts” speak for him as a Mets fan. I imagine that’s how most fans feel, and Mike and his team of contributors continue to provide intelligent Mets opinions.
  • Hot Foot – Named after the infamous hot foot prank often perpetrated by Roger McDowell and Howard Johnson, this blog features a group of friends who write about all things Mets. Lead by “footfather” Anthony De Rosa, Hot Foot recently transformed the appearance of the site.
  • Brooklyn Met Fan – This blog is bursting with activity, from the daily “Mexism” (Keith Hernandez quotes), to the Mets pet hall of fame, to the Mets tattoo section. A devoted fanbase follows “BMF,” and be sure to pick up a “Go Big Pelf” shirt if you can spare $24.
  • Ed Kranepool Society – Steve Keane presides over this blog named after the Mets all-time leader in games played, plate appearances, and hits. Steve’s nicknames (Yankees = Highlanders; Wilpons = Skillsets) are just one reason for reading his entertaining daily posts. Check out his radio show at Pro Baseball Central.
  • Mets Today – Professional writer and former Division-I baseball player Joe Janish manages this home to Mets game recaps, news, and analysis. Joe’s perspective is unique because he is a baseball coach, and some of his students have gone on to play professional baseball. He also contributes to Metsblog from time to time.
  • Mets Walkoffs – “The delight is in the details” reads the tagline of Mets Walkoffs. Minutiae and obscure Mets facts abound here – where else could you learn that new Met Bobby Kielty is 0-11 vs. Victor Zambrano, but a .400 hitter with two home runs off Scott Kazmir?
  • Always Amazin’ – Matthew Artus writes this Mets blog on, and his almost daily posts are part of my morning read. He provides rational, objective analysis and a full plate of the day’s best links from around the Internet.
  • Flushing Fussing – Ted Berg writes this saber-friendly column for SNY. Topics range from advanced statistical analysis, like his piece “Fun With Numbers,” to non-traditional suggestions for closer entrance music, part one linked here and part two linked here. Ted is a fellow Hoya, and he has a knack for making high-level stats accessible to all fans.
  • MetsGrrl – That’s Grrl, as in the Riot Grrl punk rock movement. Writer Caryn Rose is in charge here, and is not “one of those girls in the pink hats that screams every time David Wright brushes dirt off of his uniform.” Funny, because I know a lot of guys who scream every time Wright brushes the dirt off. Anyone considering a trip to spring training should read Caryn’s guide to Port St. Lucie before planning anything.
  • Mets Fever – With three or four daily posts, Mets Fever provides updates and insight on the latest Mets news. Mets Fever posts more often than any site besides Metsblog, so check here for breaking news.
  • Loge 13 – Subtitled “The last days of Shea Stadium,” this is the place to go for all things Shea. Per the blog’s mission statement, Loge 13’s aim is to “celebrate the concrete beauty of Shea and the sometimes concrete play of its inhabitants.” Shea exists only in our memories now, but hopefully Loge 13 will remain.
  • The Metropolitans – This site’s contributors have been writing since 2004, and the tagline is “A blog dedicated to the New York Mets with some other baseball thrown in.” Check out the lively comments section after each post.
  • Mets By the Numbers – Did you know the Mets have unofficially retired #69 in honor of the Miracle Mets? (Yes, that is the real reason – get your mind out of the gutter) Want to know what number Jose Valentin was assigned at spring training this year? (#99) Then this is the site for you. Also check out the book of the same name by authors Matt Silverman and Jon Springer.
  • Mets Online – Another stats friendly Mets site, Mets Online is run by Staten Island native Brian Joura and Birmingham, Alabama native Lee Henderson. Brian also writes for Fangraphs, and recently interviewed me for Mets Online.
  • Archie Bunker’s Army – This is probably my favorite blog name of them all. Famous Queens resident and Mets fan Archie Bunker provides the site’s mantra: “It ain’t supposed to make sense; it’s faith. Faith is something that you believe that nobody in his right mind would believe.”
  • My Summer Family – The thoughtful name of this blog is what first drew me in to take a look. Most of the posts here are made during the season, but this offseason you can help proprietor Coop decide which Mets jersey to buy.
  • Mets Guy In Michigan – One of a few Mets blogs maintained by transplanted fans living across the country, the Michigan Mets guy has been documenting his travels to 101 baseball landmarks. Among them are Doubleday Field, Dodgertown and Monument Park.
  • Long Island Met Fan – The actual name of this one is “24 Hours from Suicide: A Day in the Life of a Mets Fan,” but I’m from Long Island as well so I’ll call it the URL title. Although there are times when the actual title is appropriate. Check this one out for general Mets commentary, polls, and a “where are they now?” section profiling former Mets.
  • No No-Hitters – As the name suggests, the focus here is on the fact that no Mets pitcher has thrown a no-hitter. As the counter on the site says, it’s been 7,482 games without one. Learn which pitchers tossed no-no’s before they came to the Mets, amongst them Warren Spahn, Bret Saberhagen, and Al Leiter, as well as those who threw one after leaving the Mets, including Nolan Ryan, David Cone, and Hideo Nomo. What a slap in the face to Shea Stadium if the first no-hitter in Mets history is thrown during the inaugural year of Citi Field.
  • Mets-Prospectus – Recently experiencing a site makeover, Mets-Prospectus is a great source for information about Mets prospects.
  • Mets Prospect Hub – Also a terrific site for news about Mets prospects like Fernando Martinez, Brad Holt, and Wilmer Flores.
  • Yes Joe, It’s Toasted – Posts by “Toasty Joe” have been infrequent this offseason, but they’re worth the wait. My favorite was from the day after the final game at Shea entitled “Dead Air,” with the opening lines: “I have a confession to make. I hate the Shea Stadium public address guy.”
  • NY Baseball Digest – Covering both the Mets and the Yankees, Mike Silva and his team of contributors post multiple times daily with news, opinion, and interviews. The roster of past interview subjects is extensive, including big names like Gary Carter, Darryl Strawberry, and Ed Kranepool. Mike also hosts a radio show, and you can listen by clicking here.
  • Baseball Handyman – Fellow Mets Geek writer Mike Newman shares his knowledge of minor league baseball here. It’s not 100% about the Mets, but if you want to know how the Mets stars of tomorrow are doing and also some solid fantasy baseball advice, this is the place to go.
  • Mets Tailgate – I started writing this statistically focused blog after I got sick of reading others complaining about David Wright being “un-clutch” and that veteran clubhouse leadership would solve the Mets problems. It’s not for everyone, but I think it brings some objective, rational baseball thought to the table.
  • Mets Geek – Needs no introduction.

I didn’t include the blogs of newspaper beat writers like David Lennon, Adam Rubin, Ben Sphigel and Bart Hubbuch, but they too are sources of Mets news and insight. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything out there. Whether you agree or disagree with the writers of these blogs (and I frequently disagree), there is one consistent theme: Let’s go Mets.

(By the way, if I missed any of your favorites, feel free to link to them below!)

17 Responses to “A Guide to Mets Blogs”

  1. Comment posted by joed86 on February 24, 2009 at 9:34 am (#931876)

    Hey, this is a fantastic list James.

    It’s something that should have been done years ago, great job.

    I’m actually going to add a link to this post under my Mets Resources so that Mets fans can use it to explore the entire Mets blogosphere.

    As for your invitation for other Mets blogs, here are a couple of other Mets blogs you might want to consider.

    CitiField of Dreams ( is run by Tanya Mercado who is also a journalism student like Andrew from The ‘Ropolitans. She has a refreshing and unique perspective on Mets news and updates daily.

    Also, 213 Miles from Shea ( Elliot Teichman who also was a part of the original MetsBlog network.

    Elliot posts original content and during the season he posts his informative game previews that are a great primer before each game during the season.

    Thanks and once again, nice job.

  2. Comment posted by TedBerg on February 24, 2009 at 10:43 am (#931911)

    Excellent work, James, thanks for the link, and Hoya Saxa and all that, despite this terrible season. At the risk of sounding like a shill for SNY blogs, I figured I’d mention the work Toby Hyde’s doing at, which I think is awesome.

  3. Comment posted by bcuster on February 24, 2009 at 11:11 am (#931924)

    i really think that delcos’ blog should have been included. he is an insightful writer and usually has the “inside scoop”. plus, he gets a lot of player interviews. his blog is well organized and contains lots of good info. the lohud mets’ blog has gone in the toilet and should be abandoned…

  4. Gravatar
  5. Comment posted by Dep on February 24, 2009 at 12:13 pm (#931988)

    great post. i havent heard of a bunch of these.

  6. Gravatar
  7. Comment posted by sweetlew is an unapologetic conservative! on February 24, 2009 at 12:15 pm (#931994)

    This list is awesome.

    This article needs a permanent link on the front page somewhere as a reference

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  9. Comment posted by Mike Newman on February 24, 2009 at 12:41 pm (#932032)

    When Ed Kranepool has a blog named after him, you know you are dealing with a lot of Mets blogs. Now, if I could only earn a full time paycheck for reading Mets blogs all day. There seems to be enough information daily to warrant it. I volunteer if anybody can match my lowly teacher salary. =)

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  11. Comment posted by TheRopolitans on February 24, 2009 at 1:20 pm (#932042)

    Thanks for the link, James.

    I’ve been wanting to chronicle all of the Mets blogs out on the Web, but it seems you’ve beat me to the punch.

    We should have a March Madness style bracket, only MetsBlog is excluded. Thoughts??

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  13. Comment posted by Lunkwill Fook on February 24, 2009 at 2:41 pm (#932081)

    Dare I suggest Jessica’s blog?

  14. Comment posted by LadyMet on February 24, 2009 at 3:31 pm (#932118)

    Great list!

    Need to add Zoe –
    She’s a professional writer who is fun to read, and a true fan

    And not all of us who appreciate David Wright as a fine male specimen wear pink hats! Some of us also feel free to curse him when he leaves Murphy standing on third.

  15. Comment posted by sheadenizen on February 24, 2009 at 6:35 pm (#932232)

    I love the list and thank you James for all your work. I would appreciate it greatly if Eric and Alex posted these on the geek with links…..dare I say like Matt does on Metsblog. It would be great.

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  17. Comment posted by Alex Nelson on February 24, 2009 at 7:50 pm (#932258)


    We used to have a link page but it became such a pain to keep current and very few people were using it. That and the fact that we had thought that eventually the Blog Feeds were going to replace it, but they just never took off.

  18. Comment posted by NYSportsDog on February 24, 2009 at 9:58 pm (#932321)

    This post is the reason I love being part of our Mets Blogger community.

    That and the free wheels of cheese!

    Thanks James…you’re a great friend and supporter.

  19. Comment posted by Sam Page on February 25, 2009 at 1:09 am (#932368)

    I feel like Blastings Thrilledge should be listed even if just in memoriam. Maybe Riding with Rickey, too, even though the Mets don’t seem to interest him anymore.

  20. Comment posted by Eddie on February 25, 2009 at 8:34 am (#932371)

    Nice to see a list of blogs. There are plenty of Mets blogs out there that get no recognition.

    I’d also like to add the new kid on the block. Me.

  21. Comment posted by sheadenizen on February 25, 2009 at 11:00 am (#932441)


    We used to have a link page but it became such a pain to keep current and very few people were using it. That and the fact that we had thought that eventually the Blog Feeds were going to replace it, but they just never took off.

    Is that a no? ;-(

  22. Comment posted by Nick on February 25, 2009 at 2:52 pm (#932558)


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  24. Comment posted by John Peterson on April 10, 2009 at 5:12 pm (#949700)

    Hey thanks, Sam Page! I prefer to think of B!T as merely in hibernation.

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