December 3, 2008
Eeney, meeney, miney, moe, catch a pitcher…

While nothing really substantive is happening yet, I´m getting a sense of where things might be headed in the starting pitching market, and it doesn´t look good for our Mets. I don´t think Niese should be counted on for 2009; the Mets rushed Pelfrey and probably slowed his development. Let Niese pitch most of the year in Buffalo. I´m also still a little hesitant to place too much faith yet in Pelfrey or Maine–I´m cautiously optimistic, with the emphasis on cautiously. So who else do we consider?

Sabathia: we´re not in the game. I hope he goes to the Angels or Dodgers, just so that he doesn´t go to the Yankees; that would only make the Mets pursuit of Lowe harder, but I can´t help it- I hate the Yanks and I´d love to see them lose out on all their targeted FAs.

Lowe: I´m getting the vibe that he might end up with the Bosox or Yankees. I´ve also got the sense that Omar isn´t sold to the point where he´ll cough up the bucks necessary, which I think is a mistake. Lowe isn´t perfect, but he´s the best option out there for the Mets.

Burnett: Scares me. Either Jays or Yanks.

OllieP: We know the game. ScottyB says ¨Gentlemen, place your bets¨. He may come back, but I doubt it. And I´m not sure I want him.

Javier Vazquez: Traded to the Braves.

Andy Sonnanstine/Ed Jackson: Rumored to be available from TB. While Jackson has better stuff, his control as shown by his peripherals needs a lot of work. I´m a believer in pitchers with low walk rates over pure stuff (within reason, of course). Sonnanstine is a control guy, but he can get the ball over the plate and get the job done. Either of these guys would work as a 5th starter. I´d prefer to trade Heilman for one of these guys than for Street, as a starter is a harder thing to find than a setup reliever.

John Garland: YECCHH! Lousy peripherals.

Freddy Garcia: too much of an injury risk for the expected return. He left a game last week in winter ball due to soreness or some such thing.

Ben Sheets: Yes, an injury risk, but a truly dominant ace when healthy. Imagine him behind Johan?!! I´d sign him to an incentive laden deal (1 year with vesting options for 2 more years??) in a heartbeat. I´d rather get 20 starts from Sheets and fill in the rest with Vargas/Niese/misc than 30 from Garland.

Brad Penny: Depends on his medical records. This was his first bad injury year, and before that his numbers were pretty damn good. If he´s OK health-wise I´d take the chance. Could be a #2 level pitcher.

Randy Wolf: OK stats, some injury history in the past. Nothing to write home to Mom about, but could get the job done. More for the #3 or#4 slot.

So, the big question: What would I do if I were Omar? Assuming I couldn´t sign Lowe, I think I´d trade for Andy Sonnanstine (Heilman+prospect), then sign Sheets (after reviewing his medical records). If Sheets´ records are worse than expected then sign Penny or Wolf.  If everything works out great, than we have an incredible 1-2 punch, and a solid 3-4-5; if Sheets (or Pelf or Maine) falters, then we fill in the 5th slot with a Vargas/Niese/late pickup option.

A final thought: If Sabathia ends up in LAA, and Teixeira ends up in Boston, I´d think long and hard about offering Delgado to the Angels for Sean Rodriguez(2b) and a top young SP- if not Nick Adenhart then someone close. Then I´d sign Manny for 3 years to replace the offense; he´s a circus, but he´s one of the best hitters in the history of the game and he can still rake.

Anyway, here´s hoping and praying that this week and next the chips start to fall into place and we can finally see some movement. I´m really tired of rehashing the same ¨what-if?¨ scenarios in my head over and over and over and over….

Let´s Go Mets! 

2 Responses to “Eeney, meeney, miney, moe, catch a pitcher…”

  1. Comment posted by Dave in Spain on December 4, 2008 at 3:01 am (#901909)

    OK, I was watching the CC Sabathia developments –or rather, the lack thereof- and thought ¨Why not take a shot at it?¨ If they have to pay $14-$15 mil per year for a lesser (and certainly smaller!) pitcher anyway, why not see if CC would consider NY National League? So far he only has offers from the Skanks and the Brewers. His preferences are west coast (the Angels are still fixated on Tex, and the Dodgers and Giants haven´t done anything yet) and national league, as he loves to hit. Well if his best financial offers were from a NY AL team and a NY NL team, would he give a slight discount to the NL team?
    Imagine a 1-2 punch of Johan and CC! Yikes!

  2. Comment posted by JamesSC on December 10, 2008 at 1:56 pm (#905220)

    No way we get two quality players for a year of Delgado. His finish was nice last year, but remember the year or so he put up before that. Trading Delgado might net you one decent prospect and a couple minor ones, but not a top tier prospect and certainly not a top tier arm.