November 5, 2008
Trade thoughts- CWS

If you were looking for a 4th or 5th starter, would you be happy with a 32 year old who had averaged 206 innings per year over 11 years (6.43 IP/S), a 3.3 K/BB ratio, an average career ERA of 4.32, and who was signed for another 2 years at $11.5 million per? Down side- a little bit of a HR tendency, with an average of 27 per year.  How about Javier Vazquez?

Okay, the CWS are reportedly interested in/willing to trade Vazquez to both free up some payroll, and to try to improve speed and OBP. Omar has a history with Vazquez. Would they take Castillo for 2B, plus a Carp/Evans and/or a lower minors guy?possibly a Heilman/Sho/Parnell/Antonini? Or Endy? Could the trade be expanded to include Octavio Dotel (34) who can still strike out guys when needed and is pretty effective against lefties and righties, by including a  Heilman/Sho/Parnell/Antonini?? Or Bobby Jenks(27), who is due a big arbitration raise?

I think that Vazquez would improve both the rotation and the pen (due to pitching into the 7th throughout his career). He´s not a top 3 starter, but he´s not that different from Derek Lowe, who will cost much more as a FA. He does give up some HRs, but no-one knows how CitiField will compare to USCellular, though it has been designed to be neutral/leaning pitcher-friendly. If Dotel (who makes $5mill) could be added, it would improve the 7th/8th innings and give the pen a guy who can pitch to both side hitters.

Santana is set. I´m cautiously optimistic about Pelfrey, though I wish I had more of a sample size of good performance. I´m also cautiously optimistic about Maine, but I´m not convinced that he can pitch deep into games consistently enough. But we have huge holes at the 4th and 5th slots, and all the worthwhile FAs have either huge price tags, or serious questions. CC–huge money and lots of competition. Lowe– the consolation prize, and thus high cost. Burnett– questionable health/attitude. OllieP–well, you know all about OP. Ben Sheets– injury questions. Peavy trade–we don´t have the prospects, and probably couldn´t convince him to come to NY anyway.  I can´t analyze all of CWS´s motivations or thinking, but they could use the net savings to pursue faster guys for their OF, while having Castillo improve their OBP in the 2 hole (though he certainly wouldn´t improve the team speed!). And Kenny Williams loves his trades! If a deal could be reached soon, it would allow Omar (and KW) time this offseason to tweak the rest of their teams, avoiding the likely Boras-led molassas pacing of the top few FA signings.

Maybe it´s crazy, but I think it´s worth exploring. We need stable help in the rotation, preferably an innings eater. I´d hate to be left standing at the end of the FA game of musical chairs. Leave the 5th slot if you want for a Niese/Vargas/misc FA, but solidify the 4th spot first.

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  1. Comment posted by Dave in Spain on November 5, 2008 at 7:26 am (#889309)

    Oops. Should have proofread better. Ignore the first

    possibly a Heilman/Sho/Parnell/Antonini?


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  3. Comment posted by Mike Newman on November 5, 2008 at 10:07 am (#889333)

    Javy would be a great addition. Only problem is you can’t throw Heilman and crappy prospects at the White Sox for him. Kenny Williams is pretty shrewd when it comes to deals and your offer just would not fly. It would probably take one player in the top five, another top ten guy, and a 3rd borderline top 20.

    IE – Niese, Carp, Rustich

    Then again Williams might not be too interested in Niese considering his infatuation with hard throwers. Although Niese could learn quite a bit from Mark Buehrle.

    My Primary concern is that if the Mets trade more prospects AND sign a type A guy for the pen, their burning the candle at both ends which will once again make for an awful minor league system.

  4. Comment posted by Dave in Spain on November 5, 2008 at 1:04 pm (#889719)

    This from Joel Sherman. Take it for what it´s worth…

    Met officials also continue to downplay the likelihood of playing on the very available Javier Vazquez. GM Omar Minaya had Vazquez when he was the Expos GM. He likes Vazquez, but not as much he once did.

    Plus, the Mets would expect Chicago to take a bad contract, probably that of Luis Castillo, back to facilitate a deal. White Sox GM Kenny Williams refused to discuss Vazquez’s availabi

    lity. But he did say he is committed to youth.

  5. Comment posted by MightyJoeOrsulak on November 5, 2008 at 1:06 pm (#889724)

    Newman has a point. I have a feeling that we will wind up with Ol’ Reliable Ollie Perez.

    Speaking of the White Sox, since they are contenders and Konerko sucks, why not offer them a subsidized Delgado? They’ll get Delgado’s production for a year inexpensively and then they’ll certainly get two draft picks for him the following year.

    I would prefer that the Mets get youth back for him, either young pitching or a young candidate to replace Beltran, but since Delgado ain’t no farmhand, it would not be necessary; and we could get a Vazquez type in return when some throw ins are, well, thrown in.

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  7. Comment posted by MetsFanSince71 on November 6, 2008 at 9:08 am (#890261)

    Don’t the ChiSox need a 2B right now?
    Vazquez for Castillo – straight up salary dump for both teams.
    I wouldn’t even throw in any prospects.

    I also would NOT give up Heilman in any package for Vazquez.
    Save Heilman for a better trade (ie, to the DBacks for Cruz).

    Delgado is going nowhere, folks.
    He shouldn’t be traded anyway.

    As always, good post, Dave.

  8. Comment posted by dbkoob on November 10, 2008 at 4:17 pm (#892219)

    dotel you have to be kidding me another heilman

  9. Comment posted by redstripe n chronic on November 11, 2008 at 1:55 am (#892405)

    71, even if the ChiSox are desperate to shed salary there’s no way they do a straight-up Castillo-Vazquez. That saves them what? 5 mil or so? And that’s trading a valuable player for a completely and uttterly worthless one. And Cruz is a FA.

    If you can give them Castillo plus Parnell and maybe Evans, that’s not a bad trade.