March 3, 2008
FANTASY BASEBALL – Geek League. Please Read if interested
by: Dep on Mar 3, 2008 2:40 PM | Filed under: Journals

Ok folks, its that time of the year. Its fantasy baseball time! And I know many have been wondering if us geeks do a league, well here’s your answer, yes we do!

This is just a real quick journal to get going on this and find out who wants in and start some discussions about the rules and scoring. There will be more formal info about the league as we go on and figure things out.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Dep and I will be taking over commish duties from last year’s commish, Lister, who has better things to do this year like mitten shopping and furthering the education of his brain. Lister also happens to be last year’s champion, so we must do all we can to avoid that from occurring again. Yes yes Arod pick 7, we know we know. ;) More on that at a later date!

I think i will be donating a prize (TBD) for this year’s winner of the league that I will mail out to the person, assuming I dont take it all of course ;)

So, to recap, the purpose of this journal is two-fold:

1. To gauge interest amongst the geeks and basically find out who wants to be in the league this year.

2. To discuss possible changes to the scoring from last year.

So lets get this ball rolling…..

1st off, interested folks:

IF you are interested, please indicate so in a comment on this journal. Please include if you were in the league last year or not, sadly I don’t have a list. If anyone has a full list of last year’s participants, please let me know.

I believe we had 16 teams last year and I would like to maintain that same league size if possible. I also want to give those who were in the league last year priority to be in again this year. I also really don’t want to exclude any geek that’s interested in playing, so lets just get people counted and see how many people are interested and we’ll deal with the problems of too many interested folks later if it arises. If people have to be excluded, I apologize in advance!

2nd, scoring (hat tip to Jess for having a wonderful memory :).

Last year we had 21-men rosters with 8 position starters (3 general OFs), 1 utility starter, 2 SPs, 2 RPs, 3 general Ps and 5 bench players.

I think we are fine maintaining that system. We could go with a LF, RF and CF instead of 3 OFs, but personally I think that’s an unnecessary change and it could create problems with a league of our size. I lean towards 3 general OFs. If anyone wants to change this or has ideas, here is the place to get your ideas down.

Here are the 10 scoring categories we used last year.

Offense: OPS/TB/SB/R/RBI

Pitching: ERA/WHIP/K per 9/Total Outs/TB Allowed

Lets see what folks think. I like the offensive side and think we may be ok there. It may be too weighted for power hitters imo, but i think if we change something it may be too weighted to non-power hitters. I’m curious to your thoughts.

On the pitching side, I think we should try and get rid of TB allowed or Total Outs and replace it with something else. maybe BB/9 or something. again I want your inputs on this please.

Lets figure all this out as quickly as we can so PHL can start prepping his draft algorithms. HA! ;)
Thanks everyone.

and if anyone has questions that wish to ask off-line or need to talk to me, please email me at Thanks.

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  1. Comment posted by NYNarwhal on March 13, 2008 at 5:58 pm (#628251)

    I just signed up.

  2. Comment posted by Jose Reyes – RBI Machine on March 15, 2008 at 8:02 pm (#628800)


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  4. Comment posted by Dep on March 18, 2008 at 10:09 am (#629478)

    Fantasy Draft will be 22nd, 10AM.

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  6. Comment posted by Dep on March 18, 2008 at 11:07 am (#629502)

    that should say 3/23 10am

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