November 30, 2007
Omar Minfooka’s Offseason Plan Of Greatness!

Okay, here’s my stab at what the Mets should do to prepare the team for next season.  I appreciate comments as to what is reasonable and what is not so that I might amend these suggestions for when I submit them to Omar at the end of the week.

 Trade #1

Ruben Gotay for Cliff Lee and a player to be named later (J. Stevens, AA reliever)

I like Gotay but with Castillo locked up for 4 years, Gotay is a spare part and a bit of a wild card.  Lee spent most of last season in the minor but he has pitched will in a hitter’s park and hopefully could be revived with a move to the NL into a pitcher’s paradise.  Stevens is just a name I saw from the minors and, heck, bullpen depth is bullpen depth.

Trade #2 (the big one)

Danny Haren for any or all of the following package:

Gomez, Mulvey, Pelfrey, J. Smith, Muniz (basically, everyone except Deolis Guerra)

This is entirely based on the Haren/Calero for Gomez/Mulvey/Pelfrey rumor from earlier this week.  I tried to sweeten the deal some (dropped Calero from the trade altogether) but there’s enough talent and live arms there that Billy Beane might go for it.  Beane is less likely than most GM’s to disregard Muniz because of his age.

Trade #3 (not necessary but it would help a little)

Trade Estrada plus Nick Evans/Mike Carp to Giants for Benji Molina.

Shores us up at catcher a little bit, gives the Giants someone who might eventually take up their hole at 1st base.  This might be the most unrealistic trade simply because I think I value Evans higher than most but, then again, this is the most unnecessary trade as well.  Estrada could be our catcher as well.

Well, I guess with the Milledge trade, we don’t need to worry about THIS anymore, right? 

Free Agent Signing #1:

Luiz Vizcaino (He wants 4 years at $5.  I’d give him Mota money and see if he bites).

With these changes, here is your lineup:

SS Jose

2B Castillo

3B Wright

CF Beltran

LF Alou

1B Delgado

RF Milledge Church *sigh*

C Molina/Estrada Schneider *sigh*


SP Haren

SP Pedro

SP Maine

SP Ollie

SP Lee

RP El Duque (we’ll have to convince him that long relief is AWESOME)

RP Humber

RP Show

RP Pedro2

RP Heilman

RP Vizcaino (if we can’t get him, fill this with AAA righty setup man X)

RP Wagner

 The bench needs to be sorted out a little having lost Gotay but that’s not hard.  We’d just need a new lefty bat.  I would seriously consider nabbing Josh Phelps as well to spell Delgado against lefties.

In addition, Omar Minfooka will stockpile every AAA power arm available in case one of them magically pans out.

3 Responses to “Omar Minfooka’s Offseason Plan Of Greatness!”

  1. Comment posted by Wdwrkr35 on November 30, 2007 at 5:18 pm (#569125)

    Mets still ne a bulpen arm and A SP after trading Milledge . ;-(

  2. Comment posted by Lister on December 1, 2007 at 11:21 am (#569570)

    Gotay won’t net Cliff Lee.

    Not even close.

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  4. Comment posted by Lunkwill Fook on December 1, 2007 at 11:59 am (#569589)

    You don’t think? Remember, Lee was in the minors for most of last season and, I could be wrong, but I don’t recall him ever coming back up. Could it be possible that Cleveland has soured on him so much they’d take an intriguing second base prospect straight up for him?