July 19, 2007
Adios, Julio
by: 86Forever on Jul 19, 2007 5:15 PM | Filed under: Journals

I’m not going to put up with this nonsense about Julio Franco not being a leader. It’s bush league for former teammates to rip a player after he has left the clubhouse for another team. You have a problem with him – tell him to his face. They had plenty of opportunities to do just that, and plenty of examples of his leadership. Yes, he made Beltran go out for a curtain call, but there are dozens of other examples that don’t get reported. Thankfully, let’s just say I have a source in the organization who shared a few with me.

• Last July, Franco invited everyone to his home. There, they met the other residents, helped change sheets, and wheeled everyone into the day room for TV and meds.
• At the beginning of this season, he invited the entire team out to dinner. It certainly wasn’t his fault that many teammates did not show, since few realized he had made reservations for the early-bird buffet at Sizzler.
• At one point in St. Louis last year, he got everyone into a movie at the senior citizen discount rate.
• It was Franco – and Franco alone – who was instrumental in having the shuffleboard game installed in the clubhouse.
• Without Franco, the lineup card posted in the dugout would not be in large print today.
• Thanks to Julio, the entire team had access to catheters and colostomy bags, avoiding embarrassing mid-inning trips to the clubhouse.

How quickly memories fade. I understand the nature of re-framing someone after they’ve left. And believe me, I have no problem with any Met ever ripping a now-Brave. But let’s not forget all the good he did – and all the while, so close to death.

Adios, Julio.

3 Responses to “Adios, Julio”

  1. Comment posted by sheadenizen on July 19, 2007 at 5:50 pm (#420517)

    86, you are a breath of fresh air! A little loony, but a breath of fresh air! Your perspective on baseball and life keeps many of us sane in these trying times.

  2. Comment posted by Woodman on July 19, 2007 at 9:00 pm (#420724)

    Without franco that 10 cases of geritol would not be in the clubhouse as we speak. If someone gets a bunion franco to the rescue. Dont even ask about the depends. There are many ways a person can be a leader, franco had his moments for sure.

  3. Comment posted by metswin2007 on July 20, 2007 at 11:06 pm (#423180)

    Funny Stuff!!
    Dont worry about it 86. You are perfectly normal.
    Everyone else is messed up ;-)