June 11, 2007
The numbers don’t lie. The bats are choking.
by: Future on Jun 11, 2007 1:00 PM | Filed under: Journals

We are hitting .273 as a team with an OPS+ of 114

We are hitting .249 with RISP (OPS .738) League Average: .265-.765 Conclusion: We are below average.

We are hitting .278 with the bases empty (OPS. 767) LA: .256-.724 Conclusion: We are above average

We are hitting .268 with men on base (.772) LA: .269-.765 Conclusion: We are around league average.

We are hitting .295 with a runner on first (.820) .275-.763 Conclusion: Above Average

We are hitting .242 with a runner on second (.768) .254-.753 Conclusion: Below Average BA but higher OBP, possibly because of walking the runner to set up the DP

We are hitting .225 with a runner on third (.597) .284-.814 Conclusion: Way below average. This is disgraceful.

We are hitting .262 with runners on first and second (.776) .250-.714 Conclusion: Shockingly above average.

We are hitting .115 with runners on first and third. (6 for 52!) (.341) .298-.819 Conclusion: This is the most pathetic stat. How do you hit .115 in any situation?

We are hitting .333 with runners on second and third. (1.070) .274-.834 Conclusion: Easily our best statistic. We just have to tell runners on sure doubles to stop at first and the let the other runner go to third. Then we are all set.

We are hitting .317 with the bases loaded.(768) .284-.774 Conclusion: Surprisingly Delgado is hitting .400 with the bases loaded.

This is why we are losing games.

We are hitting .228 with RISP w/ 2 outs (OPS: 717 we have 54 walks to 63 hits) LA: .249-.753

Note: We are hitting .313 with an OPS of .855 when the margin is greater than 4 runs. When we’re down big or up big, with no pressure that’s when we’ve scored 54 of our runs this season. (LA: .258-.728)

On the 25 man roster

PLD: .226 w/ RISP. (.558 OPS)
Delgado: .188 w/ RISP. (.631-walked 15 times with RISP, 5 IBB)
Easley: .280 w/ RISP (.824)
Wright: .207 (.787)
Reyes: .339 (.994) !!!!
Alou: .192 (.489)
Beltran: .246 (.635)
Green: .260 (.822)
Chavez: .323 (.841)
Valentin: .308 (.962)
Gomez: .214 (.700)
Castro: .263 (.769)
Gotay: .500 (1.349) He is 7 for 14. To put it in perspective, Delgado has 6 more hits in 55 more at-bats. Yeah. Ugly.
Franco: .222`(.508)

In conclusion, only Easley, Reyes, Green, Chavez, Valentin, Castro and Gotay are hitting around average or better. Reyes and Gotay and Chavez are kicking butt while Easley is hitting well. Castro is around average, but he’s doing way better than PLD. For those who want PLD in the 2 spot again, maybe you’re right, he can only fail with Reyes on base, hitting lower in the order he has a chance to strand more than one runner.

PLD, Delgado, Beltran and even Wright are simply not doing their job. Wright has a terrible start to the season to make his way up from, but the rest have been putrid.

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  1. Comment posted by littlefallsmets on June 11, 2007 at 2:43 pm (#373504)

    The return of Green and Valentin should bring the numbers up and, indeed, raise all boats in terms of pressing for hits and popping up or striking out.

    Wright is improving, LoDuca has been being used outside his natural place in the batting order, Beltran has been “not 100%” and Delgado…


    I got no excuse for Delgado. He is either injured or age is catching up to him and, either way, he isn’t adjusting to the situation.

    The first-and-third thing has to be guys pressing to produce.

    It just HAS to be.

  2. Comment posted by JamesSC on June 11, 2007 at 4:43 pm (#373534)

    My reasoning for this is quite simple. In its current state, our lineup has a lot of holes. With the injuries we have had this year, combined with some of our key bats not hitting the way they normally do, we now have a lineup where there are easy outs to be had.

    This is a significant difference between now and last year. Last year it was a daunting task to get through our lineup because 1-8 we had guys that could either put the ball out of the park or would cause you fits trying to get them out. Now we have in our 2, 6, 7 and 8 slots people you can pitch to to get them out. PLD is fantastic, but he is a TERRIBLE person to put in the 8 slot right now. He will drive a pitcher nuts, but unless there are men in scoring position a pitcher has NOTHING to fear in pitching to him in the 6 slot because the guys behind him are EASY outs. With Green behind him that could change, but I want him back in the #2 slot until Gomez can grow into it.

    Since a pitcher can now pick through our lineup selectively, this makes the job for our big 3 (Reyes, Beltran, Wright) much harder. They get much tougher pitches to hit, and all three of them are getting pitched around a LOT because pitchers are confident they can get the outs behind them. I have been surprised at how many times Reyes has been pitched around or just strait IBB the last month or so. Even his speed isn’t preventing people from wanting to put him on because our 2-3-4 has been something you can pitch around if you make your pitches.

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  4. Comment posted by Future on June 11, 2007 at 7:44 pm (#373561)

    I don’t think it is as simple as hitting PLD second.

    But if we put him back there, let’s see what happens. Willie HAS to shake things up somehow.

  5. Comment posted by littlefallsmets on June 11, 2007 at 8:02 pm (#373562)

    Oh, I know it’s not THAT simple.

    But it’s an experiment worth looking into. Paul’s style of working a pitcher and working a pitcher and working a pitcher plays well between a speedster and a power hitter.

    Reyes gets on, rattles the pitcher on the basepath, maybe he steals a base, maybe LoDuca turns a 10-pitch at bat into a ground out to advance the runner, maybe both happen and suddenly the pitcher’s frazzled when Beltran comes up and he can launch a mistake.

    I’m just saying that… with LoDuca in the second hole, it’s not his JOB to necessarily clean up with runners in scoring position… it’s to lace long singles and barring that to work the pitcher to somehow advance the runners hitting before him.

  6. Comment posted by JamesSC on June 11, 2007 at 8:11 pm (#373563)

    Little, I agree, I like PLD back in the 2nd hole. He is a singles hitter (he has what like 8 extra base hits out of like 75?). The problem with him in the 6th hole is that those singles are largely useless. I give Willie credit for the idea, and with Alou/Green/Valentin this makes more sense then it does now with Gomez/Johnson/Easley

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  8. Comment posted by Future on June 11, 2007 at 11:15 pm (#373863)

    The singles wouldn’t be useless in the 6th spot if the 4th and 5th guys were getting on base.

  9. Comment posted by littlefallsmets on June 12, 2007 at 1:23 am (#374276)


    The 4th and 5th guys AREN’T getting on base and…

    Might as well adapt to what there is to adapt to, yeah?

  10. Comment posted by Wally Dykstra on June 28, 2007 at 6:53 pm (#393953)

    Could it be that a disproportionate number of the 1st and 3rd ABs have gone to Delgado? He has always seems to be up there in the middle of our biggest scoring threats knocking into DPs or striking out.